We might be the new kids on the net - but for our launch we want to go old school.

Let's face it, a classic ad stays with you forever – remember rocking out to the Coco Pops jingle? Or munching on a Maynards while mouthing the Um Bongo theme tune? Ahhh, good times!

£500 for your ad!

Yep, that’s right. We’re looking for funny, creative, inventive ads; the more vintage, the better. Get inspired by those favourite ads from your childhood and then make your own… on your iPad or phone.

Upload it onto our website and for every round of applause (our equivalent of ‘likes’) you get, brings you closer to the £500 goal. The one with the highest rounds of applause is the winner. Simple!

We’re looking for five of the best!

Highest rounds of applause & Facebook shares wins £500
Ad judged by the My AdWorld Facebook members wins £250
Ad judged as their personal favourite by the My AdWorld team wins £100
Best acted Ad (judged by a TV personality) wins £100
Best Ad made by anyone 14-16 years old (judged by Ravensbourne Film academy) wins £50

There are TWO categories:

BRAND NEW: Select your favourite ad from any old brand you remember – from Shake & Vac to Milky Way and make a new, updated version.

REWIND & PLAY: Rummage through your families old video footage. There needs to be a brand involved; this could be anything from you riding your BMX to biting into a Walls Magnum ice-cream. And cut it together into a vintage snapshot of your era.
How do I begin?

We’d love it if you could use your old family footage. As long as somewhere in it there’s an image of a brand. It could be anything from you holding a Fab ice-cream on the beach, to playing with an old Atari game. If you weren’t lucky enough to have a home ‘video nut’ in the house, then don’t worry… just give your ad a vintage feel… or cut in some still images of your favourite toy, sweet, or game as a kid. Just make it an ad. That’s what we’re all about and we want you to join us!

We are giving away A WHOPPING £500 to the ad with the highest rounds of applause & shares! Plus FIVE other cash rewards.

Deadline: Closed

How are videos judged?

We look at the video ratings, how many views it's got, and how good our brands think the ad suits them. From there, we select the winning ads.

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