1. Come Fly With Us

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    Come Fly With Us at the Flight Simulator! Just try not to crash…

  2. My first MyAd for

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    This is the first video I’ve made and I had so much fun making this with my family. I love dog food and it’s made a huge difference to both my dogs health.

  3. Lily’s Kitchen Fishy Chews

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    I made this funny video about my dog, and his favorite Lily’s Kitchen chews!

  4. The best place for F(m)ood

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    I think, everybody know \”Steffani\”, at least in Estonia!) I like this place too and I made this short video today just for fun during my short lunch break. But if You are gonna visit Pärnu, you should go to \”Steffani\”! This time it created on iPhone from the start to the end. Only!

  5. Remember about the Future

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    Attempt to make my first social Ad. This time I was inspired by movies from the past. And music theme made by me, as usual) Thank you for watching! Used: ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ by Godfrey Reggio ‘Star Trek’ TOS by Eugene Wesley Roddenberry ‘Gojira’ (‘Godzilla’) movie

  6. Hairy Coffee

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    My first attempt at an ad. Just a bit of light fun, I hope it makes someone laugh!

  7. My favorite coffee – Nescafe

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    Sometimes the World seems so empty, and the streets of my town are cold and strange… But I always have where to go: I know, at home I’ll be warmed by a cup of my favorite coffee! And I feel that I alive, Nescafe.

  8. The Bad Old Days!

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    I made this for Paddy & Scott’s as I love their cafe in Fram. My mum always buys their coffee and we found these vintage clips over the weekend. Thought it would be fun to make an ad. Made this on Final Cut which we’ve only just got and loving it. Thanks My Adworld as it gave us something to do over Easter. I’m studying media and design so this is great practise for me. I do want to get into advertising when I get back to the U.S.

  9. Call me Old-Fashioned

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    A combo of the vintage campaign but made for Chit Chat @ Paddy & Scott’s.

  10. Anything but Old-fashioned

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    I got inspired by the vintage campaign but wanted to do something for my local cafe. Love these guys. Hope you like it!

  11. Frozen food – Mmm, so good!

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    From The MyAdWorld team: We are hugely impressed by the efforts that went into this wonderful ad. This AdMaker, Petr, composed and played and sung the music himself!!!

  12. Tesco Club Card

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    I applied three times and was waiting for it desperately!! And it FINALLY arrived in the post today!

  13. Co-op New Store in Southwold

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    Wow, it’s a brand new day, it’s a brand new store!!! I made this in under an hour from filming to edit!

  14. Lays forever flavored!!

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    I thought it is funny to have potato chips with a flavor of… potato!!!

  15. Mmmm… Danone!

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    I made it with my son within 6 minutes and lots of fun!!!

  16. Paddy and Scott’s

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    An advert for Paddy and Scott’s Cafe by a Ravensbourne film student.

  17. Subway ad

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