What do you mean by earning and rewards?

We think that creative people deserve to get paid, no matter what. When you submit a video in response to a brand’s campaign, you start earning immediately. Sometimes that will be cash and sometimes it will be a prize or brand reward.

How are the prizes and rewards allocated?

We’re still in beta at the moment, but we’ll be giving rewards straight away. Then you’ll be earning as soon as your video is published. (As long as your video isn’t rude, it’ll get published).

The mechanism for earning is based on either how good your idea/video is, or by how many votes it receives. And there is a big difference!

If your video gets lots of votes that means lots of people have viewed it. That’s valuable to a brand because it means their product is being seen and talked about. But all ads are not equal. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s any good! (Think of a popular viral video…lots of views, but is it well made/persuasive and useful to a brand?).

So you also earn when the votes are really good. Lots of good votes are the best.

How much can I earn?

It really depends on the pitch you respond to and how generous the brand is feeling. It also depends on the campaigns that you choose to work on. Pick one that fits you best. One that you’ll enjoy working on.

Some brands pay more for viral impact, so getting lots of views is important to them. But some pay more for a genuinely clever, funny, or persuasive idea.

Think about your video, and how to deliver their requirements to earn the most.

What about prizes?

Sometimes a brand will offer a grand prize! The video they pick, or the one who gets the most votes will get rewarded.

How do I get votes?

It’s worth remembering that it won’t only be your friends voting. It will be anyone that sees the video. So make sure you focus on producing something that delivers what the Brand is interested in. And create something that’s awesome!

How do you make a great Ad?

Just experiment! Play. Enjoy yourself! Think about all the brilliant ads you see. Often they’re really simple. They connect with you, and you remember them. Now think about all the rubbish ones….. you remember them too! But for all the wrong reasons.

We’re building a film school, to give you a feel for how to make an Ad. It’ll be free! We’re putting together modules on how to use your camera, how to story board an idea. We’re also filmmakers, and we want your ads to get better. You’re already creative, but sometimes a little bit of help goes a long way.

What’s in it for the Brands?

Exposure, creative development and real feedback about their brand.

Traditional Ad agency’s cost a small fortune. Developing one TV ad can cost millions. Their creative process uses the same people every time, developing the same old ideas.

They develop in dark rooms, on their own and try to guess what their audience wants to hear. Or how to sell to them. Meanwhile their Brand isn’t getting any exposure. They’re waiting for the big reveal of their new ad campaign.

BORING! My Adworld offers true brand exposure, much more cost-effective creative development and access to a new breed of creative talent. A breed who is naturally creative and not bound by office politics. Completely honest and effective advertising for a new breed of consumer. That’s you.

Who owns the videos?

Simply put, we both do. You, the creative genius, and My Adworld is your agent. We help you publicise your work and pay you whilst we do it. Then, if a brand decides that it is a concept they want to use more permanently, we sell them the concept and split the loot with you.

Can I swear? Can I slag people off? Can I be naked/porny?

Swearing, porn, and generally libelous videos aren’t allowed. Those videos will get us all into trouble. And we won’t be issuing rewards no matter how effective they are.

Pushing the boundaries is different though. Tread the line, but don’t cross it. Cutting edge, but not bleeding edge!

So, at first we’ll moderate the videos before they are published. But eventually the community will moderate and report back to limit damage caused.

So be good!