How it works

1. Briefing

We'll work with you to learn all about your company, your brand and what you want to achieve.

Do you want;

  • One beautiful ad to start your next promotional campaign?
  • Thousands of viral, and organic hits to your business?
  • Word of mouth ads on your audiences social media channels?

We can do all of that if you want.

2. Incentives

You get what you pay for. Offer rewards to our creative community, and they will respond. The better the incentive, the more likely you are to achieve you objective. Whatever that is.

  • Pay for shares, to get your brand talked about. For it to be kicked around on social media, and for your audience to engage more.
  • Pay for creative genius, to get that higher quality finish. If your looking for a concept that’s more thoughtful, and crafted you might want to offer a reward based on the a high quality score.

3. Just the start

Now it is in the hands of the Admakers. They get busy creating, sharing, voting and earning. Meanwhile your brand is being shown off, creative ideas are flowing in and you get to pick which you like best.

You can then use that ad as-is, or develop the concept further.

My Adworld creates meaningful social interactions and measures how the customer engages with your product. We offer you analysis of consumer trends, your own social media storytellers and insightful interactions.

Making the most of your social presence

Using a robust voting system, you can see what impact your brand is making using social media shares, customer engagement & behaviour, opinions and likes, location tracking etc. In fact, all the honest metrics required to give you the competitive advantage.

What’s in it for the Admaker?

Simple! Products, vouchers, free subscriptions and cash offered by you to inspire and incentivise the everyday consumer on the street. Part of an online community of Admakers who engage with one another, sharing their work, using our online film school to foster creative ideas and brand opinions.

If you want to engage with a new audience and create chatter about your brand, then we’d love to hear from you.

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