1. James Bond One

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    I would be interested in making teaser ads for films about to be launched. Here’s my first one.

  2. Happy Drinking | Chit, Chat

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    Coffee that tastes so amazing, you will tell everyone about it, hence… Chit, Chat The only ground coffee thats creates conversation 99.9% of the time. Directed By Henry Russell Produced by HRussellMedia

    A big round of applause from the My AdWorld team for a great, very professionally-made ad!


  3. Garmin Sat Nav COUB version

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    Just tried to cut my video down to 10 seconds to upload in on Coub platform – looks even better!! Что подтверждает справедливость старой истины: “Лишний метр в корзину – улучшает картину!”.

  4. Garmin Sat Nav – We don’t know!

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    Inspired by: Copy and voiceover by Joe Lipman

  5. Fossil Watch Ad

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    I just love the brand!!!