What does every business love? Free advertising! What does every client love? Interesting advertising! This is your chance to do BOTH! Make the best 30-60 second advert about your business to be in with a chance of winning a cool prize!

The best Ad will win £50, and a free 2 Month Campaign on MyAd!

Deadline: Closed

How are videos judged?

We look at the video ratings, how many views it's got, and how good our brands think the ad suits them. From there, we select the winning ads.

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Create and earn

The better your video the more you’ll earn. It’s up to you!

Get thinking

Think up something awesome or just be inspired with a clever idea. Make it snappy. Determine what'll make an effective ad.

Get online

Pop it up online at My Adworld and show the world what you can do. It can be in response to a pitch, or just because you can.

Get sharing

Show it off! Share it around. Don’t be afraid. Change the advertising industry. Give your favourite brands real feedback. Tell them what you think.

Get earning

Yes, earning! Real money. Real stuff. Real experiences. If your video is a success you’ll earn. Lots of good votes = earn. Lots of shares and views = earn.